Cleaning Trailers In Dundas

Cleaning Trailers in Dundas

We are available any time, Day or Night, every day of the week. Our machine can produce up to 3500 PSI with Hot or Cold water. Using this, with our Green Cleaners, Ward Pressure Washing is Confident that we can clean anything you have. Including but not limited to Cleaning Trailers.

We wash houses, commercial buildings, decks, patios, walkways, driveways, trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, graffiti removal, cisterns and anything else you may need done.

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Ward Pressure Washing provides Cleaning Trailers in Dundas.

As a locally owned and operated business, Ward Pressure Washing takes  pride in servicing Niagara. Business owner Rob Ward is part of the community that he services, and has deep roots in the Niagara Region. Rob provides unique, individualized customer care and will meet with you to discuss your needs and how best to approach each job. Rob takes pride in offering his skill and experience to make your home or business look like new again. Restore your wood exterior, shingles, concrete and get rid of mold, debris and moss with a power washing session that will make your home & property look amazing again!

Niagara Pressure Washing in DundasWard Pressure Washing uses powerful pressure washers to achieve a deep clean that revitalizes and restores the look of your entire home, business or industrial exterior. Using a pressure washer with a 3500 psi, diesel heat, hot & cold capabilities and a 200 gallon water tank, there is no job too big or too small. Ward Pressure Washing has the equipment, skill and experience to clean almost anything.

Ward Pressure Washing utilizes cleaning compounds that are ECO-Friendly. Rob can handle any sized jobs-from jobs that require mild cleaning agent and a gentle touch to jobs that require industrial strength such as graffiti removal and the removal of built up grease. Our company depends on the massive force & pressure generated by our power washers to deep clean, not harsh, harmful chemicals. From the very beginning of his business, Rob has been committed to using only low VOC cleaning agents, and has implemented a Clean Air business model.

While Rob has powerful pressure washing equipment that has the ability blast away even the most hardened, built up commercial grease, that same force would not be appropriate for every job. Rob has the skill and versatility to handle any job, whether it requires massive force for industrial projects, or a more gentle touch. With the equipment and skill to power wash trucks, grease traps, graffiti, stained concrete driveways, patios and brick exteriors, as well as more delicate projects such as window cleaning, eaves troughs, wood siding, soffits & fascia, Rob can do it all!

Ward Pressure Washing is committed to the following business mandate:

We are #1 for Cleaning Trailers in Dundas.

Hassle free service

100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Trained and uniformed professionals

Premier safety program

Customized cleaning schedules

We care about each project, no matter what size

We show up on time and prepared for the job

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