Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment Cleaning

Keeping the engine running is only half the battle when maintaining your heavy-duty industrial equipment. To ensure that industrial-grade equipment maintain their mechanical efficiency, they must be cleaned properly with professional equipment and skills.

Procrastinating the removal process of dirt, grime, and rust from industrial equipment costs more money in the long run through increased servicing requests and purchases of new equipment. Cut down the cost of operation by allowing us to restore the proficiency and usability of worn and grime-caked equipment.

Ward Pressure Washing can clean and maintain:

Emergency Vehicles
Railroad Maintenance Equipment
Construction Equipment
Farm Equipment
Dump Trucks
… and much more!

Heavy Equipment Pressure Washing

Your fleet trucks are your advertising!

Whether it is the truck and trailer that hauls your equipment around, or the equipment itself,ย  they both need maintenance.

In order to maintain your investment you need to see what youโ€™re doing. Greasing, looking for damage or replacing parts is easier to accomplish when youโ€™re working with a clean piece of equipment.

Being a mobile unit, we can accomplish this work for you at your yard or on the job site. We are available day or night any day of the week to help you with your cleaning needs.

Not only can we wash your trucks but we can also brighten your aluminum. Your trailer tank, gas tanks, fenders, bumpers, rims and racks will make your trucks look like new again.

Your reputation is important! Weโ€™ll help you keep it clean.

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